Tips For Better Picture Taking: June 2012

Back-up and store your digital images.

It's as easy as 3-2-1.

Do you have photos accumulated on your computer hard drive? Photos still in your camera or cell phone?  Well if you have not burned them to multiple disks you are in danger of losing them. Unlike printed photographs, whole collections of digital images are much easier to lose because of drive failure or lost/stolen cameras or cell phones since they are all in one place and have no negatives stored somewhere else. Photographs are priceless and should be treated as such.

The rule is 3-2-13 copies, 2 different media (media such as a 1 Hard Drive and 2 different CDs or DVDs, whichever you use.), and 1 stored off site at another location. If you follow these simple rules your digital files will be much safer. The quality of disc is also important: If you burn images to poor quality discs you may risk losing your images as the disc ages. Believe me the disc quality does make a difference. I have researched and tested many discs and have settled on 2 archival DVDs for my backup archive. And at under $2 to backup hundreds or thousands of images it really is a bargain. Especially to some of us who remember the costs of film and processing. I only burn to DVDs, 1 Gold and 1 Silver on each backup. I have included a link on this page to Amazon and B&H for the DVDs I use as well as for CDs for those of you who do not use DVDs.
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